Have you ever wondered that you are not thinking and working at your full potential?

Ever wished there was a useful guide to help you get through those mind barriers?

The New As A Man Thinketh is what you’ve been looking for!


Douglas McCoy has created ‘mental food’ at its best. The New As A Man Thinketh has been read and appreciated by tens of thousands of  readers around the world, to recognize that a man’s visions can become reality simply through the power of thought. This piece has been a major influence in the self-improvement industry.

ReCreation King Douglas McCoy

With this book, Doug has created a powerful way to teach this incredible wisdom of the ages. The layout is specially made to stimulate right and left brain readers, with the use of bright colors and cartoons.

Doug adapted Dr. William James’ teachings that emphasizes on the two essential truths;

Today we are where our thoughts have taken us, and we are the architects – for better or for worse – of our futures.

The New As A Man Thinketh should be a required reading material in every school, home or office, as it is applicable in every age and can help anyone ReCreate themselves.

It’s about time you ReCreate your life for the better too!

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